Financial benefits

Think about your dream team. Now think about the dream environment for this team and salaries. We make both these dreams come true at no additional cost for you. We take this load of your shoulders (and your bank accounts), covering the expenses for recruiting, training and organizing the developers in a way that every side will find beneficial and convenient.

We are transperent

You know real salary of every member of your remote team. You are aware about our fee and why it so.

We love our work

We wake up every day with smiles, because we help business all around the world to become more effective, while Ukrainians more open to the world

We are on your side

We understand importance of an effective budget usage and problem in finding really good employee. Especially when you want to create a great product but there is no budget for in-house team, because of super high salaries, infrastructural cost and It- Giants.

You will find with us

  • Really low cost per hour with the best competence vs. cost ratio
  • Competent employees
  • Complete absence of any additional costs, whether it is rent, insurance, infrastructure, or recruitment process.
  • We make sure the work is as comfortable for the team, as it is productive to you. You can just relax, and we'll handle everything. You don’t need to organize team building, pay for smoothies, coffee, vacation, bonuses, or anything of that kind. Leave it all to us!
  • No need to pay taxes for additional employees on your side. This is our pain.
  • Quick team reduction at no additional cost
  • No obligations to employees, just consultancy contract between you and our company.
  • You don’t need to waste your time looking for candidates, organizing their workplaces etc.

About the level of people

Our developers dedicate their time and effort to become the best experts in their field, and they succeed. The vast majority of them has a degree in computer science or in related fields, which means two things important to you: they have a solid background, and they are motivated by their own interest. The developers that we pick for you have considerable experience, and they can bring valuable cultural insight into your working process, being the ones working on the verge between the east and the west.

Why Ukraine

We know our strengths, and we know how to put them to good use. Our employees stand out in many ways: their experience, insights, and eagerness are incompatible, especially when matched with Ukrainian prices for their services. They will not compromise, because they know they have everything to be the best in the field – and if that is not what you need for your company, what is?