Transperency in prices

Prices are the shadiest thing in our business. Companies are selling completely different developers in skills by the same fixed prices. Just because they decided that middle developer have to cost such price. As a result, the client often overpays for the developer. We want to be completely transparent to both sides customers and our developers. We are showing how much we will pay to the employee and our margin. This allows client to choose the best deal.
How we calculate: (employee salary + fixed fee) + percent agency fee
Fixed fee is equal to 350$ for every job title (Covers office expenses and maintaining per one employee)
Percent agency fee is 25% (bank fees, taxes, and company margin)

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Back-End Developer

Junior Back-End Developer
$1200 /month
Average price
Middle Back-End Developer
$3000 /month
Average price
Senior Back-End Developer
$4600 /month
Average price

Front-End Developer

Junior Front-End Developer
$1400 /month
Average price
Middle Front-End Developer
$2800 /month
Average price
Senior Front-End Developer
$5000 /month
Average price

Mobile Developer

Junior Mobile Developer
$1600 /month
Average price
Middle Mobile Developer
$2500 /month
Average price
Senior Mobile Developer
$5100 /month
Average price

UX/UI Designer

Junior UI/UX Designer
$900 /month
Average price
Middle UI/UX Designer
$2000 /month
Average price
Senior UX/UI Designer
$2700 /month
Average price

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