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If you need IT professionals, seek no more! We do all the work for you: recruiting, hosting and supporting them for your convenience. We provide competent team play, critical thinking and responsible work based on mutual trust.

What we offer

Teams of IT experts remotely

Progville assembles teams of experts in the field of software development that become an integral part of your working process, fitting in so seamlessly you might actually forget they work remotely. Whatever your plans are – one project or long-term work – we provide assistance with any and all endeavors.

Teams of IT experts remotely

We keep our standards high. You require first-rate experts, and first-rate experts that is all we have! Software development wizards, technical issue killers, solution scouts are a click away with experience under their belts and sleeves rolled up for productive work.

Key services

Offshore developers

Offshore developers

Extension of existing teams with remote developers, designers or ux/ui specialists

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Offshore team

Offshore team

Full-scale development teams based on your requirements and fully under your management

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Focus area

Back-End Developers

Folks that believe in the God of logic and algorithms. Wizards of PHP, Python, Node.Js, Ruby and other magics. They store things not in boxes but in MySQL, Postgres and Firebase.

Front-End Developers

People who visualize all these crazy things created by designers, turning abstract data to the UI that can be used by normal people. They know by heart CSS, HTML and JavaScript is their second language after the native one.

Art & Design

UX-Lads, UI-folks, Graphic designers, Illustrators people who bring to this world aesthetic, user-friendly products and style. They can think in and out of the box, be creative and pragmatic.


Now is the world of mobile and our Swift ninjas and Java masters are here to become an integral part of your Dream Team. They are ready to bring their passion and knowledge into your new applications.

Global benefits that you will get


  • Competent and motivated developers
  • Low cost per hour with the best competence vs. cost ratio
  • Reduced labor costs, risks and liabilities
  • Completely NO additional costs, whether it is rent, insurance, infrastructure, software, or recruitment process.
  • Reduced additional costs on incentive programs, coffee, smothies
  • Quick team reduction at no additional cost
  • Team is far from you, there is no eye to eye communication


  • Competent and motivated developers
  • High salaries, as a result high labor costs
  • High infrastructure expenses on office maintenance
  • High liabilities and risks
  • High expenses on recruitment process, incentive programs, taxes etc.
  • Low flexibility in scaling and reducing teams
  • You need to worry about smoothies, team-buildings etc
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